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Is Kate Upton Thinking About Baby #2? Plus: Her Valentine’s Day Plans

Is Kate Upton Thinking About Baby #2? Plus: Her Valentine’s Day Plans

“Extra” caught up with supermodel Kate Upton, who dished on life with her husband Justin Verlander and their daughter Genevieve, 15 months.

When asked if she was in any rush to give Genevieve a sibling, Kate said, “Oh, no, no.”

Upton smiled, pointing out, “She's all about dogs right now… she’s running everywhere. She's really growing into her own personality; she’s not a baby anymore, she’s really becoming a toddler. You see her personality growing and it’s just one of the most amazing experiences… I’m so excited.”

Upton has stressed prioritizing self-care after welcoming a baby. Along with stressing the importance of spending time with her friends and family, Kate explained, “Just take a second to yourself, sit outside, be outside for a second without the chaos while the baby's napping, and just be able to collect your thoughts and don’t get so caught up. It’s so easy to be like, ‘Now I got to do this, and this,’ and always feel busy and not really stop and enjoy those moments.”

Does she have any big Valentine’s Day plans? The 27-year-old said, “I’m actually going on a girls’ trip.”

Upton won’t be able to spend the special day with her baseball beau since he is currently at spring training with the Houston Astros. The team will kick off their 2020 season on March 26 against the Anaheim Angels.

Months ago, Kate and Justin enjoyed some time in Canada, including the Polar Bear Institute House in Manitoba. She shared, “It was a day after the end of baseball season and at first he was like, ‘Oh, my God after this long season, like this trip is gonna be a lot to deal with,’ and it was the most amazing experience because being out there and being in this land that’s completely untouched by humans is such a grounding experience and was exactly what we needed after the chaos of, and press of, the World Series.”

As for what they took away from the trip, Kate commented, “Just realizing we are just one being on this earth and we need to take care of all beings and our kids' future.”