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Chris Pratt Jokes About What Valentine’s Day Gift Would ‘Upset’ Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt Jokes About What Valentine’s Day Gift Would ‘Upset’ Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Actors Chris Pratt and Tom Holland get animated in the new movie “Onward.”

“Extra’s” Mark Wright sat down with the duo, who play brothers on a quest to see if there is any magic out there in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him.

Chris’ son Jack, 7, has already seen the movie. He shared, “I brought twenty people, more than half of them were children around his age. He absolutely loved it — all the kids loved it.”

Pratt also dished on his Valentine’s Day plans with new wife Katherine, who won’t be getting any more animal gifts. He joked, “If I gave her another animal for Valentine’s Day, I think she would be pretty upset. I am going a different route… She recently gave me two kunekune pigs. They’re pets, they’re amazing.”

He revealed, “My favorite night is a night in… We actually celebrated Valentine’s Day last weekend 'cause I knew that this weekend I would be doing junket stuff for ‘Onward.'”

As for “Onward,” Chris said he is able to relate to his character since he’s a brother himself. He elaborated, “I am the younger brother and my older brother was a huge part of my life, loved me so hard and continues to… We, too, lost our father… He was 62 when he passed away. That relationship of an older brother loving a younger brother really resonated with me.”

Tom, the older brother in his family, also related to the movie, saying, “It’s really nice to be able to draw on my own life.”

Speaking of the concepts behind the film, Chris said, “The concept that technology has replaced magic, it sort of parallels the nature of life, going from youth to adulthood how things become less magical… It really focuses on a strong bond between two brothers, themes of mortality. It’s really deep, it’s really moving.”

Chris was confident that the audience will be “blown away.”

Tom said he loved the movie, adding, “Our own world is so incredible, but it’s sort of being stifled by technology… This film is about, 'Why don’t we just look up and look at this amazing place that we are in?' It kind of foreshadows what’s going on.”

“I deleted my Instagram," he admitted.

“Onward” hits theaters March 6.