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Adele Shows Off Slimmer Figure in Body-Hugging Activewear

Singer Adele is still working hard at the gym!


Over the weekend, Adele was spotted wearing a form-fitting activewear, which accentuated her figure.

Along with her black ensemble, Adele shielded her face from the sun with a matching Nike hat while making her way to a friend’s home in Beverly Hills.

Her outing came just a day before she flaunted her tiny waist at two Oscar parties. A source told “E! News,” “Everyone was like, ‘Is that Adele?!’ She wore a gold dress with tassels. It was a very ’60s mod look with her hair and makeup. She looked incredible.”

As for how Adele is getting into the best shape ever, a second source shared, “She goes to different gyms. She goes early in the morning and meets with her trainer. She gets her workout in first thing. She works out for about an hour and leaves drenched in sweat and looking like she worked very hard.”

According to the outlet, Adele attends private workout sessions several times a week without anyone noticing.

Another insider added, “She’s also staying active going on walks and getting in a lot of steps. She is in a groove. She looks great and has totally transformed her body. She is barely recognizable and is continuing to lose weight.”

In January, the 31-year-old showed off her weight loss while on vacation in Anguilla with Harry Styles and James Corden. During the stay, she chatted with lucky fan Lexi Larson, saying she lost “something like 100 pounds.”

Adele’s former trainer Camila Goodis recently weighed in on her figure, telling “Extra’s” Billy Bush, “I do believe she changed her lifestyle… she really changed her diet. There is no miracle exercise that can make you look like you lost a lot of weight.”

Reports claim Adele is on the Sirtfood Diet, which focuses on foods that increase certain proteins in the body that regulate the metabolism, inflammation, and more. Billy also heard you can still have red wine, coffee, and chocolate on the diet.

Camila said, “Absolutely… You are allowed to do that in moderation.”