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Bachelorette Trista Sutter on the Mend After Surgery

Poor Trista Sutter had to have surgery!

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The former “Bachelorette” star posted on Instagram that she rolled her left foot and her “weight crunched down on it” while playing tennis with friends.

She had to go under the knife “to fix a broken tibia, torn ligament and syndesmosis tear.”

As if the injury wasn’t bad enough, she shared, “I had never broken a bone before, but leave it to me (and Murphy’s freaking law) to break my ankle 3 days into not having insurance. We’re all good thanks to Cobra, but ugh!”

The reality star, who has two children with husband Ryan, is also feeling thankful, “I definitely have a newfound appreciation for those out there dealing with injuries or disease, lack of insurance or lack of funds and single parents who may not have the assistance of someone like my hardworking, thoughtful, stepping-up husband and kids, and my sweet friends that I’ve tagged and not tagged (and all of you!) who have swollen my heart with feeling the love. Ive been put in the best hands and I’m a happy mama.”

She followed up with a pic of herself sitting on a bed with her leg in a cast. She wrote, “Broken ankle and slits for eyes, but a heart SO full of gratitude for the care and generosity of my family and friends that it tends to roll onto my cheeks a lot lately.”

Sutter went on, “It shouldn’t have to, but sometimes it takes something drastic (and really freaking painful!) to shine a light on what makes this life worth living … and that’s the people and the connections and the love. I’ve already said it but it can’t be said enough … thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏🏼❤️.”

Ryan also shared a photo of her in a wheel chair with the hashtag #Life and another of her resting her eyes while fulfilling her hockey mom duties, while listening in on a hockey board conference call.