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How Antonio Banderas’ GF Nicole Kimpel Saved His Life

How Antonio Banderas’ GF Nicole Kimpel Saved His Life

On Sunday, Antonio Banderas brought his daughter Stella and girlfriend Nicole Kimpel to the 92nd Academy Awards, where he was nominated for Best Actor for his role in “Pain and Glory.”

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Antonio, who opened up on the time that Nicole saved his life. In 2016, Nicole gave him an aspirin when he suffered a heart attack.

The 59-year-old revealed, “She got a headache the night before my heart attack, she went to buy some painkillers. The pharmacy was closed, she went to the supermarket, bought some water… She took a big box of aspirin, 500 milligrams, when she was going to pay, the cashier said, ‘You dropped something’… It was the aspirin. She came home. The next morning, I had the heart attack, the first thing she did was take one of the aspirin and put it under my tongue, that saved my life.”

When Billy asked how she knew to do that, Antonio answered, “She has knowledge about that, she knew.”

Nicole told Billy separately, “I was happy I was there to help him.”

The Best Actor award eventually went to Joaquin Phoenix, who had previously won a SAG Award and a Golden Globe, among other honors, for his performance in "Joker."