Blake Shelton Pokes Fun at New ‘Voice’ Coach Nick Jonas, Plus: Bebe Rexha Joins Him as Team Advisor

Blake Shelton Pokes Fun at New ‘Voice’ Coach Nick Jonas, Plus: Bebe Rexha Joins Him as Team Advisor

“The Voice” is back... and there is a new coach in town!

Nick Jonas is joining the panel, and Blake Shelton just gave us his hilarious take on the JoBro.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Blake and his secret weapon Bebe Rexha, his advisor for the battle rounds.

Nick is taking over Gwen Stefani’s big red chair, and Shelton had this to say: “I think Nick Jonas may be… it’s a close tie between him and Kelly Clarkson as the two worst coaches we have ever seen on this show.”

Renee jokingly asked, “Why does he suck so much?” Blake shot back, “I’m not sure why. It just is, okay? It just is…”

He said Gwen was sad about leaving. “I know she was sad when the last season ended, of course. She loves being a part of this show, ya know, but she also has to go right back to Las Vegas.”

He went on, “It’s really a miracle that it worked out last season with Adam leaving the show, and last minute it just worked out timing-wise that she was able to step in and do it.”

So no double dates on the horizon for Blake and Gwen and Nick and Priyanka? “I’m sure, absolutely,” Shelton said. “I’m telling you, I love Nick Jonas as a human being, and as an artist.” He added with a smile, “But as a coach, he is sucky. Let’s just put it to you that way.”

Bebe has toured with the Jonas Brothers, so what does think of Blake’s beef with Nick? Bebe tried to smooth things over, insisting Blake is being “funny,” adding, “I mean, it’s been fun working with him he has a great sense of humor… and he’s humble.” Blake laughed, “Humble… nah, she’s not gonna save you, Nick. I’m gonna kick your Jon-ass.” What if Nick wins? Blake insisted, “I may quit if he wins.”

Blake also opened up about bringing Rexha aboard, saying, “This girl just had literally the biggest hit on the planet earth as a country song.”

Bebe, who has served as "The Voice's” comeback coach in the past, added, “I love mentoring people.” She said of Blake’s team this season, “They’re great. They’re strong. There's actually like two or three people that I’ve been blown away by so far.”

“The Voice” Season 18 premieres February 24 on NBC.