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Surprise! Robin Tunney Secretly Welcomes Baby #2 — What’s Her Name?

Surprise! Robin Tunney Secretly Welcomes Baby #2 — What’s Her Name?

“The Mentalist” star Robin Tunney, 47, is a mom for the second time!

On Thursday, Tunney announced that she welcomed a baby girl with partner Nicky Marmet earlier this month. She wrote on Instagram, “We are thrilled to introduce you to Colette Kathleen. Oscar is now a big brother. I gave birth January 8th and our hearts have gotten bigger whilst our rest has shrunken considerably. This firecracker came out with a thick head of strawberry blonde hair, ready to take over the world. #newborn #babygirl.”

Robin also shared a precious video of Oscar singing “Rock-a-bye Baby” to his little sister.

The baby’s arrival comes a surprise since Robin had not revealed her pregnancy previously.

Over the past few months, Tunney hasn’t been posting full-length shots of herself on Instagram. She was able to hide her baby bump in various ways, including using a loose Halloween costume.

Robin and Nicky welcomed Oscar in June 2016, which was also a surprise birth. At the time, she shared on Instagram, “Sorry I didn’t talk about being pregnant. Wanted to keep it all for myself.”

Robin’s Instagram is filled with photos of Oscar, so it will be no surprise if Colette becomes a regular on her page.