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TobyMac’s Son Truett’s Cause of Death Revealed

TobyMac’s Son Truett’s Cause of Death Revealed

Truett Foster McKeehan, son of Christian rapper TobyMac, died suddenly in October, and now the 21-year-old’s cause of death has been revealed.

In October, The Tennessean reported a 911 call was placed with a report of someone in cardiac arrest at TobyMac’s Nashville home. First responders arrived at 10:50 a.m. and a spokesperson from the Nashville Fire Department confirmed to the paper that Truett was pronounced dead.

RadarOnline.com has obtained the autopsy results, revealing he died from “Acute combined drug intoxication.” Drugs found in his system included “fentanyl” and “amphetamine.” His death was deemed accidental.

Truett was an aspiring rapper and the eldest of TobyMac and wife Amanda’s five children. He went by various stage names, including TRU and Shiloh.

TobyMac, real name Kevin McKeehan, featured Truett on some of his songs, and wrote a track about him last year called “Scars.”

TobyMac told The Tennessean that he wrote the song so his son wouldn’t feel alone while making his way in the world. “He moved to L.A. and he’s making music and he’s doing his thing,” he said. “But to watch him go through that, and watch him get bruised, it’s not easy. So that’s one of the ways life has changed. In that song, I just want him to know he’s not alone.”