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Molly Bernard Engaged to GF Hannah Lieberman — See Her Ring!

Molly Bernard Engaged to GF Hannah Lieberman — See Her Ring!

“Younger” star Molly Bernard and her girlfriend Hannah Lieberman are leveling up in their relationship!

On Tuesday, Bernard announced their engagement, writing on Instagram, “We said YES! 💍.”

Along with the announcement, Molly showed off her diamond ring with a huge diamond center.

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We said YES! 💍

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The engagement comes just a month after Molly helped officiate co-star Hilary Duff’s wedding. She shared a photo from the wedding, writing on Instagram, “@mintzplasse’s somber farewell to his better half @matthewkoma and my personal panic joy as we wed him to @hilaryduff.”

It’s unknown how long they have been dating, but Hannah has been a regular fixture on Molly’s Instagram since early 2018.

Two years ago, Molly opened up on her sexuality, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “A lot of my friends joke that I'm the straightest gay person they know, and some say I'm the gayest straight person they know. I have boyfriends, I skew pretty straight, but I would love to date a woman.”

She added, “If I fell in love with a gorgeous perfect woman, it would be easy to ride off into the sunset with her. That would be a ball. I also am very deep in the LGBTQ community. It's a complicated question. I was on Fire Island a couple weeks ago and this adorable lesbian told me I was cute and I said, 'Thanks, so are you.' She asked if I was gay or straight and I said neither, and she said, 'Great, give me your number and let's hang out.'"