Democratic Candidate Mike Bloomberg Says ‘Street Fighter’ President Trump Is ‘Not Unbeatable’

Democratic Candidate Mike Bloomberg Says ‘Street Fighter’ President Trump Is ‘Not Unbeatable’

Only “Extra’s” Special Correspondent Samantha Harris was with Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and TV’s Judge Judy in Austin, Texas, as he kicked off “Day One” of his nationwide campaign with more than 150 events across 27 states.

Samantha called the pair a “dream team” as they sat down for their only interview together. Mike replied, “Dream team, I am here with a star,” and Judy explained how she helped convince him to run.

“I really believe that America needs a great president, and I wasn’t happy with the choices,” she said, adding, “Think about Judge Judy begging, I begged him. I gave him all the reasons that probably hundreds of people have given him before, that it was really his civic responsibility to step up.”

Judy added, “As a young country, we don’t need a revolution. It’s the greatest country in the world… It needs innovation, it needs tweaking… and it needs a grown-up... I will do whatever I need to help you. If that means sitting on a bus in Texas for 12 hours, I’ll do it… That’s how important it is to me to know I protected the next generation.”

Mike chimed in, “She did call, she did ask me. She also told me she was going to go on her show and say I should be president no matter what I said, you don’t say no to the Judge, you say, ‘Yes, your honor.’”

Bloomberg added, “She is someone a lot of people respect and listen to it’s a great honor to have her.”

The candidate also explained what motivated him to run: “The worst thing we have right now is Donald Trump in the White House… I said, 'You want to get rid of Donald Trump? The only way to do it is for me to run.' I don’t think any of the other candidates could beat him. I know Donald Trump, he’s a street fighter. I’ve known him for a long time in New York. I know how to compete, I know how to explain to people why I would be better than he is.”

Mike insisted, “He is not unbeatable… You asked why I changed my mind, I think I can win, I don’t think they can, and I don't think they can govern. I don’t think other candidates have the managerial experience.”

Judy said she is not interested in a seat on the Supreme Court if Mike wins, insisting, “I have a problem with ruling by committee. I am too spoiled.”