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Oprah on Teaming Up with Lady Gaga: 'She Is the Truth'

Oprah on Teaming Up with Lady Gaga: 'She Is the Truth'

Oprah Winfrey is kicking off the new year with a new wellness tour, making her first stop in Fort Lauderdale on the “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” with WW.

She has enlisted some of her famous friends to help her, like Lady Gaga, who was set to take the stage with her.

Oprah was with “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst, telling her the most important thing she has learned: "Life is balance, it’s all things in balance. It’s not one thing, it’s all things in balance."

She added, "Every day is about daily renewal… it's recognizing there is a flow and a shift, and your ability to lean into that flow and the shift is what allows for wellness in your life."

Explaining her message to living a healthier, stronger, more confident life, the icon said, "Everything starts with the center of you. There is no strong, powerful life without a spiritual life. I do not mean religion, I mean what is at the core of you? What actually makes you tick? What is your the essence? That is your real job to figure that out. It’s about that thing that makes you you… 'What do I want?' and to be able to answer that from the spiritual core and not the external, material core."

Oprah told "Extra" she hoped those who attend her tour gain "potential."

She said, "I want people to leave here feeling more strengthened and literally more empowered to do their best, be their best."

Revealing why she wanted Lady Gaga there for her first stop, she said, "She is the truth, and she was born that way, and has been telling the truth for a long time, and I think nobody gets ahead in their life unless they are really willing to strip away the layers and live the truth for themselves."

"We had a conversation for Elle magazine a couple of months ago," Oprah remembered, "and she just started telling me this stuff and I was like, 'You need to be in an interview onstage, can you just hold this information?'"

Viewers can watch Oprah's full interview with Lady Gaga as part of WW’s Wellness Wednesday Series on Oprah’s Facebook channel, on the WW Now Facebook Channel.