Peter Weber Dishes on Hannah B’s Return on ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere, Plus: Did He Find Love?

Peter Weber Dishes on Hannah B’s Return on ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere, Plus: Did He Find Love?
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Pilot Pete, 28, is back in action… continuing his quest for love after vying for Hannah B’s heart on “The Bachelorette.”

Ahead of Monday’s premiere of “The Bachelor,” “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Weber, who opened up about what to expect this season, including the return of Hannah and his on-set accident.

Peter, best known for his windmill experience with Hannah after she revealed they had sex in a windmill four times. He commented, “There's a lot of windmill talk… I get it, I get that that's a part of my story now, I'm never escaping the windmill, I’m doing a windmill dance now… just do the windmill dance, a little shake in the hips.”

The promos show lots of making out, but he “didn’t kiss all of them.” He joked, “Are my lips exhausted?”

Fans were also shocked to see the return of Hannah B. He revealed, “I had no idea she was showing up that first night. I see limo door open… I see this beautiful girl, then I realize who it is, just jaw dropped like, 'Wow.' Definitely a lot of emotions came back instantly.”

Not spilling too much about what happened, but Weber pointed out, “I do want you all to know that everything that does happen with us, that was 100 percent real, that was raw, I know people will be surprised by what happens.”

Another shocking moment: Pete suffering a facial laceration while shooting the show. He said, “Honestly, it was a freak accident, nothing crazy…involves a golf cart, a glass, and unfortunately the golf cart wasn't even moving.”

“It will all be taken care of in the show, we're not going to leave you in the dark,” he added. “I heard chicks dig scars, so we're good.”

So did he fall in love??? He shared, “I had an amazing group of women and I had really solid relationships with a lot of them… Everyone thinks I fall in love with everyone.”

“The Bachelor” returns January 6 on ABC.