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Bachelor Nation’s Courtney Robertson & Humberto Preciado Engaged and Expecting

Courtney Robertson, 36, and Humberto Preciado, 39, have a lot to celebrate!

Us Weekly reports the real estate agent and the attorney are engaged and expecting their first child together.

Courtney and Humberto connected on Instagram eight months ago, and she tells the magazine, “There was just a level of comfort and connection that I’ve never felt before. I never believed in that feeling of when you know, you know until I met him. Nor have I been with someone that I so clearly wanted to start a family with.”

She further explained how they got together, saying, “He had ‘liked’ a photo of mine on Instagram and I recognized his name. I remember like 10 years ago a friend of mine telling me about a guy she liked, Humberto. His name is so unique. I didn’t put it together right away, but I was like, ‘Wait, have we met before? ‘This guy is cute. Oh, my gosh, he lives in Arizona.’ I DM’d him and then we went out a couple of days later and we’ve been together for eight months. He moved in in July, and the rest is history.”

Of their courtship, she revealed, “He actually lived on the same street as me but six blocks away. We were in the same neighborhood. He definitely courted me. He took me on really nice dates… We planned trips, and we were together every day.”

Robertson is now 14 weeks along, and the pair recently learned they are having a boy!

“We had a girl name picked out of course, but we both really wanted a boy because his family, there’s no boys on his side of the family. He was an athlete, he played football in college,” she said.

She went on, “I always wanted a boy. I’m a tomboy as you know. I grew up playing sports. My sister had three boys. I was like, ‘Of course, I’m probably not going to have a boy. We got the results back and I was actually shocked.’ I just thought in my head it was a girl.”

Courtney shared her excitement over her ultrasound appointments, saying, “It’s so crazy. We’ve seen the baby a couple of times. He’s been amazing. He comes to every appointment with me. It’s just so nice. Every time you hear the heartbeat, it’s just so exciting. We saw his little profile the other day. He’s really cute in there!”

Courtney appeared on Ben Flajnik’s season of “The Bachelor.” He proposed on the finale, but they later called off their engagement. She went on to write the book “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.”