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Mädchen Amick Shows Off Her Assets at 49 in Mr. Warburton Magazine

Mädchen Amick Shows Off Her Assets at 49 in Mr. Warburton Magazine
Rowan Daly

“Riverdale” actress Mädchen Amick strips down to nothing on the cover of Mr. Warburton.

Amick shared with Derek Warburton, “I have always just thought that clothing was optional, especially now as I am getting older I want to embrace my body, celebrate it. I am proud of my age and I love all of my wrinkles.”

In the issue, Amick also opened up about her “Riverdale” co-star Luke Perry, who passed away earlier this year after suffering a stroke at the age of 52. Of the cast’s reaction, she revealed, “We cried and hugged for hours. We were devastated. He and I were Ma and Pa Kettle to all these kids. We were all in shock. He is desperately missed".

Reflecting on their friendship, Amick said, “Luke and I were real friends. I still reach for my phone every time I land back in Vancouver to go to dinner. He was my first phone call every time.”

She added, “Luke was an old soul, and not only was he a father to his own children he was the father to our cast of kids. Luke would text me all the time and say, hey, you need to talk to the girls, they need advice."

Mr. Warburton

Mädchen and Luke rose to fame at the same time in the ‘90s with their hit shows “Twin Peaks” and “Beverly Hills, 90210,” respectively. She commented, “It’s difficult to achieve a hit once in your career and then both Luke and I achieved two.”

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