Peloton Ad Husband Sean Hunter Speaks Out

Sean Hunter made national headlines playing the husband in the gone-viral Peloton ad!

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Hunter, talking all about the holiday ad and how his life has changed since it was released.

The actor, actually a grade-school teacher, said, “It has become overwhelming. I thought I would just be a 9 to 3 guy just teaching gym, but here we are, within 24 hours, answering messages, getting called out, but getting a lot of positivity, good, bad, all in between. It’s amazing.”

As for the backlash over portraying a husband who gifted his already skinny wife with an exercise bike for the holidays, Sean commented, “There have been messages that have slid into my DMs where I wake up and I go… It throws me, I can’t even express it… I go, ‘Nope I’m not reading that one today. This is just attacking my demeanor. Nope, this is just saying hurtful things towards who I am and they don’t even know who I am in the first place.’”

The haters confused him with the character he played. Hunter pointed out, “I have a girlfriend, I don’t have a wife. This is my real life here.”

“I am a paid actor, I had a job on set and we had a wonderful time there,” Sean emphasized. “It was a mainly female presence on set and everyone was for the script, everyone saying, 'Yeah, this is what we want to do. This is the type of commercial that is going to sell our bike for a Christmas product.’ It’s amazing what’s happened.”

On a positive note, he was happy to get the gig, saying, “I was able to share my story, share what happened on set, share the positive things that people have said towards me. It’s a big deal for a Vancouverite to get a role.”

Has he spoken to Monica Ruiz, who played his wife? He shared, “Monica is doing well… She is just as confused, though. She called me and goes, ‘Sean, what’s all the uproar about? Was it me?… I was like, ‘Monica, you did your job.’”

Since doing the Peloton ad, Ruiz has starred in a commercial for Ryan Reynold's company Aviation Gin. She met Ryan for the first time Thursday on “Today.”