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Ryan Reynolds Describes the Moment That Fan Barrier Came Crashing Down

Ryan Reynolds Describes the Moment That Fan Barrier Came Crashing Down

Ryan Reynolds is back in New York after a scary incident at Comic-Con Experience in Brazil.

Reynolds, who was in NYC to promote “6 Underground,” described the moment a fan barrier collapsed in front of him, nearly crushing his legs.

He insisted, “I was totally fine. I think it was blown out of proportion… I guess people got excited. The thing came down and I was just concerned that they were going to land on top of each other, but it looked like they had the softest landing. It was my legs that were about to get turfed, so I did a little jump and everyone was fine. That’s all that matters.”

The star did reach out to wife Blake Lively, saying, “I think I did check in as it started to go viral. I just let her know I am totally fine.” He added that Blake and the kids are also doing well after they welcomed baby number three: “They are doing great.”

Ryan recently made headlines with an ad for his Aviation Gin featuring the actress who played the “Peloton wife” in an exercise bike ad.

“I don’t want to seem that virtuous,” he said. “We were making a gin ad and we were acknowledging and playing with the cultural landscape. She was a part of that, but you know the empathic aspect of that is… I know what it’s like to be a performer and do something and you swing and you miss, and for whatever reason people take shots at you. It can be alienating, so for me, it was a win-win.”

He continued, “We got to make an amazing piece of content for Aviation Gin, but also that person got to have some authorship. Monica Ruiz is her name… For me, that’s priceless.”

Ryan also talked his new movie, “Underground 6,” about six individuals from around the globe, each the very best at what they do. The group has been chosen for their skill and their desire to delete their pasts to change the future.

What would Ryan do with that kind of freedom? “I don’t know. I kind of like my life. I’m really sort of into my children, which I know isn’t popular to say,” he said.

“Extra” joked, “It’s hard, three girls.” Ryan replied, “Yeah, but I really wouldn’t want to ghost anyone, especially those guys. If I was able to be dead for a day, it would be nice to unplug from technology.”

“Underground 6” opens in theaters December 13.