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Cuba Gooding Jr. Faces New Sexual Misconduct Allegations from Seven More Women

Cuba Gooding Jr. Faces New Sexual Misconduct Allegations from Seven More Women

Seven more women have come forward to accuse actor Cuba Gooding Jr. of unwanted sexual contact.

In new court papers obtained by “Extra,” one woman claims that she had to bite Cuba on the cheek to escape his grasp after he allegedly “began to kiss [her] without consent” and pushed “his hand forcefully into the crotch area of her tights” at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Another woman claimed Gooding Jr. groped her. When she confronted him, he allegedly said, “I know you want to be an actress; I can ruin you.”

In a separate incident in 2016, Gooding Jr. allegedly told a woman and her friend at Café Havana in Malibu, “You guys are peeing on me tonight.”

Gooding Jr. is not being charged in these seven cases, but prosecutors intend to use them to show a pattern of bad behavior. In the papers, prosecutors stated, “Defendant’s past behavior shows that he routinely approaches women while at bars or nightclubs with whom he has had limited or no prior interaction, and touches them inappropriately.”

The 51-year has been accused of sexual misconduct by 22 women.

Cuba’s lawyer Mark Heller reiterated that Cuba denies all allegations, adding, “People come out of the woodwork, making false allegations against Cuba, as often times happens when a celebrity is accused by the District Attorney’s Office in a public forum.”

Heller continued, “The spurious, uncharged allegations offered by the District Attorney’s Office are so ancient and outdated and lacking in details and impairs the Defendant from defending against them; thus, it demonstrates that the District Attorney’s Office’s motive in introducing these inflammatory, uncharged allegations is not for any probative value, but to merely gain an advantage against the Defendant and prejudice the Jury against the Defendant.”

Cuba is due back in court on January 22.

A few months ago, video surfaced of Cuba at a Manhattan nightclub with an accuser.

In the video, obtained by TMZ, Cuba appears to reach over to place his hand on the accuser’s thigh and then move his hand toward her chest. She puts her hand on his. The pivotal question is… does she push his hand away or allow him to kiss her hand?

A second video shows the woman approaching security about a half hour later as Cuba and his girlfriend Claudine De Niro kiss on a nearby couch.

Thea accuser later called 911 in the wee hours of Monday morning to report that Gooding Jr. had touched her breast.

Cuba pleaded not guilty to one count of misdemeanor forcible touching and sex abuse in the third degree.

In September, Gooding Jr. spoke out on his legal problems, telling “Extra” in NYC that he hopes the case will be dismissed, saying, “It's like, you know, the craziest situation of my life… but I got a support team around me. I got fans who love me and, you know, God's will be done.”