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Larry King Reveals He Was in a Coma After Suffering a Stroke Earlier This Year

Larry King Reveals He Was in a Coma After Suffering a Stroke Earlier This Year

Legendary TV host Larry King celebrated his 86th birthday Monday with a party thrown by the Friars Club.

The former CNN host, who was using a wheelchair, opened up to “Extra” about his health, saying, “I had a stroke. Everything got better except my left foot, and I have been rehabbing that every day, and they say I will be walking by Christmas.”

King continued, “It’s been a rough year, I don’t remember anything since March — I had the stroke in March. I haven’t driven a car, but I’m back at work and that makes me feel great.” He went on to say, “I was in a coma and that lasted a couple weeks.”

Nothing, however, is keeping him down, “My head doctor said I have an incomparable spirit.”

Larry, who is working on his shows “Larry King Now” and “Politicking with Larry King,” offered his take on the 2020 election: “I’ve known Donald for 40 years," he said of President Trump. "This Donald is not the Donald I knew. The Donald I knew was a moderate, big supporter of Hillary Clinton, opposed to the war in Iraq. This Donald is different to me. However, he wished me good luck and I bear him no ill will.”

“I think Joe Biden will hold on and I think he will give him the toughest fight,” said King.

What does he think about Michael Bloomberg, who just entered the race for the Democratic nomination? “He’ll be formidable.”

In addition to his health issues, King recently split with wife Shawn. He filed for divorce in August after 22 years of marriage.

The couple has two sons, Chance, 20, and Cannon, 19. Larry gushed about his kids as he reflected on his birthday, saying, “The biggest joy I have had is raising my boys. There is nothing like children.”

He is also the father of Andy King, who is in his 60s, Larry King, Jr., 58, Chaia King, 50, from previous relationships.