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Jason Aldean on Spending Holidays with the Fam

Jason Aldean on Spending Holidays with the Fam

Jason Aldean is back with all-new music, and debuting his album “9” for Sirius XM’s “Dial Up the Moment.”

Opening up to “Extra,” he revealed, “I think, top to bottom, this is one of the coolest albums that I've ever done. And I know everybody always says that when they put out a new album, but I actually mean it.”

That’s not all he’s celebrating — Jason is ready for the holidays with wife Brittany Aldean and his kids Keeley, 16, Kendyl, 11, Memphis, nearly 2, and Navy, 9 months.

“I always try to make sure I'm off the road for the holidays, you know, for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” he said.

“This year will be Navy's first Christmas, so we're looking forward to that… Brittany, her parents are coming in for Thanksgiving and all my family lives right here you know within a 10 minute radius of us… my sister's got three kids. I got four. That's one of them back there that you probably hear right now,” he pointed out.

“It's fun, it's a family, you know, affair for us, and I get to kind of have some downtime and spend time with my wife and kids and parents and sister and everybody, so it'll be great.”

“9” is available now.