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Kim K on Kanye for President and His Sunday Service with Joel Osteen, Plus: Her SKIMS Shapewear

Kim Kardashian showed off her SKIMS shapewear collection Wednesday in L.A.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with the star, who also talked about her husband Kanye West and his Sunday service with Joel Osteen.

“That was amazing, that was so major,” she said. “I mean, I heard about Joel for so many years and just to, to be there and witness that in person, what his services are like and just what an amazing speaker he is. And that was a really amazing, amazing Sunday service.”

Praising Kanye for being open about his spirituality, she said, “I think everyone has their own personal journey and growth and I'm really happy that he [has], you know, found his calling and what he really believes in.” She gushed, “And you know, it's funny, I'll look back at interviews that he's done maybe 10 years ago where he said, 'I really want to start a church…' He really made all of his dreams come true. What he really wanted to do. And that just makes me happy.”

So is she ready to see him run for president in 2024, which would make her first lady? “I would be ready for anything. I always am.”

Kim also supported her sister Kylie selling 51% of her cosmetics company, saying, “Well, this has been a long time in the making and lots of meetings and I've seen a lot going on behind the scenes, so I'm happy that this has happened for her and it's this moment that she's been waiting for and she is so excited. It's like a whole new experience for her, and she's on still as founder and creative director so she'll be still doing exactly what she's doing. But now she has a huge partner and a big backing and it's, I think, what everyone dreams of.”

Kim said the sisters still give each other advice. "We do all the time. I mean, even if it's, like, yesterday we had a meeting with both of our staffs and we're figuring out product ranges and quantities and shade ranges and everything all together to figure out, just what our next steps are and how we're going to just build our business.”

As for Thanksgiving plans, she said, “We might go overseas this year. We're still working it out, but I think that as long as the family's together, I haven't really been the biggest Thanksgiving person. I actually hate Thanksgiving food... The one thing I like for Thanksgiving food is cranberry sauce in the can, that’s the only thing I can eat.”

Kim’s SKIMS line is already a huge success, the reality star telling "Extra" that they have had to re-stocked. “And we're sold out already of some stuff,” she said. “I really didn't want to waste any garments with our old name on it, so we figured out how to repurpose it, so we will be in stock more often and have it for everybody.”

Kardashian revealed, “Even for the Emmys, there was an actress that was nominated and really wanted a one-leg SKIMS short because she was wearing a dress with a slit and we were out of stock, we didn't have any, but I had one in my closet. It was brand-new, but I took it, it was still in the box. It was totally brand-new and I had to ship it to her hotel room so that she could have it.” Kim said smiling, “So it is the one thing that people do come and steal out of my closet, my sisters, my friends.”

Kim is invested in her designs! “I feel like I've been a seamstress in my last life, 'cause I would cut these and sew them and it's really important that we have this silicone strip on them so they stay in the right place. I really put my heart and soul into this. We made this fabric ourselves." She went on to say, "It's really, I think, unique and special and mostly seamless. Everything that I always wanted in shapewear that wasn't there… we make.”