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Kim Kardashian Talks Impacting the World: ‘It’s a Different Journey for Everybody’

Kim Kardashian Talks Impacting the World: ‘It’s a Different Journey for Everybody’

On Monday, reality star Kim Kardashian presented her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, with the Artistic Achievement Award at the American Influencer Awards in Hollywood.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with Kardashian, who is fresh off helping Rodney Reed get a stay of execution. In 1996, Reed was convicted for the rape and murder of Stacey Stites and sentenced to death in Texas. He has been on death row since 1998.

Kim has increasingly used her social media platform to rally for social justice. She emphasized about her influence, “It's a different journey for everybody, and that person has to be ready to be on that journey to share whatever they want to share… It's all a beautiful journey, and the beautiful part of it is you control that message yourself.”

Kim flew back from Texas, where she was with Reed, to be there for Mario. She commented, “He just so deserves this, so no matter where in the world I was, I would come back to give him this award.”

Mario was on cloud nine, saying, "It's a dream come true."

What is the craziest place Mario has ever done Kim’s makeup? Mario revealed, “I always touch her up in the bathroom because we're always rushing.”

Kim chimed in, “Sometimes I have to literally pee before I go out and I'm on the toilet and he'll come in and touch me up… Ironically, I have so many pictures of that. Like, randomly getting touched up on the toilet. I could never put these out.”

What Mario and Kim are putting out… their new Artist & Muse makeup collection, which launches on November 22. Mario dished, “This collection took so long — we pushed the launch two times — because I wanted this to be the desert-island collection for us. Like, if we couldn't choose any other products, this would be the collection we would take to create any type of look from day to night and anything in-between.”

Her look only took a couple of hours to create. Mario shared, “We usually give about two hours, but it doesn't take that long, you know, with hair and styling and everything.” Kim added, “And then stopping for snacks and air conditioning, turning that on and then the radio on.”

Kim’s must-have product? “I'm obsessed with lipliner," she confessed. "Even if I don't have lipstick and I just use chapstick or anything, I just always use lipliner and blush. Blush just makes you feel a little bit more alive and awake.”