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Lena Waithe Secretly Marries Alana Mayo in San Francisco

Lena Waithe Secretly Marries Alana Mayo in San Francisco

“Queen & Slim” screenwriter and Emmy winner Lena Waithe, 35, is married!

Waithe revealed that she tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Alana Mayo in a low-key City Hall ceremony in San Francisco.

On Friday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Lena told guest host John Legend, “We snuck and did it, you know? We didn’t really make any announcements."

She shared, “We went to the courthouse and got married right in front of Harvey Milk’s bust. It was her idea — like all good things are — and she was just driving and she saw the courthouse and she said, ‘We should get married there,’ and I said, ‘Cool, I’m down.’"

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in California. He was portrayed by Sean Penn in the 2008 film “Milk.”

Acknowledging the fight for LGBTQ rights, Lena said of their big day, “It was a humbling day, you know, to marry someone so amazing, but also to really appreciate all the work that so many people have put in for us to be able to do that. Everybody should be able to do that.”

Waithe popped the question to Mayo on Thanksgiving 2017. She recently told the “Homophilia” podcast, “The funny thing is, it was actually super chill 'cause even though I am very over-the-top, my lovely lady is the opposite, which is good because I’m very much in front of the scenes and she’s very much behind them. It was just, like, in the morning, in the bed, no strings, but, you know, it was super low-key.”

When asked about their wedding planning last year, she told People magazine, “It’s going to be super small, crazy small. It’s almost like an excuse to have fun with our friends.”

Three years ago, Waithe opened up on their relationship and Mayo’s sexual orientation. She told Refinery 29, “People will ask my girlfriend, ‘Alana, are you gay? Are you straight?’ For a second, she was trying to figure out, ‘Am I a lesbian?’ I was like, ‘No, I don’t think you should call yourself that, because a lesbian means you were born gay. I’m a lesbian.’ Then, she was like, ‘Am I bisexual?’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe?’ She was like, ‘You know what? I’m not going to label it. I’m just going to be myself.’ I think it’s interesting that we can say, ‘Look, sexuality is fluid and love is where you find it.’ I love that our love story exists, because there are a lot of love stories like ours. Other people can see that it doesn’t matter how you were born or how you perceive yourself. It’s about being open-minded and listening to your heart.”

Lena and Alana were first linked in 2014.

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