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Was Whitney Houston Ever Secretly Engaged to Eddie Murphy? What Her BFF Says!

Was Whitney Houston Ever Secretly Engaged to Eddie Murphy? What Her BFF Says!

Whitney Houston’s best friend, confidante, and former lover Robyn Crawford is dishing about the music icon’s past relationships in her new book “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston.”

In the book, Robyn claims that Whitney “had her eyes and heart set” on Eddie Murphy in 1989.

Though Crawford describes Murphy’s behavior toward Houston as “hot and cold,” he reportedly gave her a huge diamond ring! In the book, Crawford writes, “He gave Whitney a diamond ring that looked an awful lot like an engagement ring.”

Robyn admits that she never thought they would actually tie the knot.

In 1991, Whitney confirmed that Eddie had given her a diamond ring as a present. She told Ebony magazine, when asked about the ring, “Isn't it beautiful? Yes, Edward gave me this ring."

Whitney eventually married singer Bobby Brown. Calling Brown “the backup,” Crawford points out in her memoir, “When the insurance appraiser… came to our house to value Whitney’s jewelry, we found out that the ring Eddie had given her was more valuable than her engagement ring from Bobby.”

Crawford also claims that Eddie tried to stop Whitney from marrying Bobby by calling her on their wedding day. She writes, “[That day,] Eddie Murphy called to say she was making a mistake, but she pressed ahead.”

In a new interview with SiriusXM, Robyn shared, "It was almost afternoon… I came into the room and Whitney said, 'Guess who just called?' I said, 'Who?' She said, 'Eddie — he must be out of his mind. He’s gonna call me on my wedding day and tell me that I’m making a mistake?'" Watch!

Robyn’s full interview with SiriusXM’s "The Heat" airs Friday at 3pm ET.

Eddie has denied that he was more than friends with Whitney, telling “Extra” in 2013, “I was never dating Whitney. She was a friend of mine. I may have gone to dinner with her a few times, but it was never like we were dating — we were never boyfriend and girlfriend. We were very friendly acquaintances. She was a beautiful person. I hear a lot of people talking about her sense of humor, and she really did have a great sense of humor. She was a funny girl."