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Video! Cuba Gooding Jr.’s GF Claudine De Niro Flips Out on Him at Miami Party

Video! Cuba Gooding Jr.’s GF Claudine De Niro Flips Out on Him at Miami Party

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. has everyone talking after a night at the club with his girlfriend Claudine De Niro.

On Saturday, Cuba and Claudine hit up Mango's Tropical Café in South Beach, where they were reportedly celebrating her birthday.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Claudine and Cuba are talking at the bar when things go wrong. At one point during their conversation, she knocks over several glasses on the bar before storming off.

She was reportedly tossed out after getting aggressive with security.

A source told the outlet that Claudine was upset over an incident with a friend, who reportedly showed up late. The insider claimed that Cuba took the friend’s side, which didn’t go over so well with Claudine.

Cuba’s lawyer downplayed it all, saying that Claudine got a “little overly playful” on their night out.

In June, Cuba was accused of groping a woman at an NYC bar. Cuba pleaded not guilty to one count of misdemeanor forcible touching and sex abuse in the third degree.

In September, Gooding Jr. told “Extra” about his legal issues at Elle’s annual Women in Music event, saying, “Obviously… it's like, you know, the craziest situation of my life… but I got a support team around me. I got fans who love me and, you know, God's will be done.”

He stressed the importance of staying positive, saying, “All good, everything is all good, moving on, working on a new film now… Everything is a learning experience…Turned 50 last year and now I am just going on to the second half of my life and continue to do good things.”

Cuba’s trial began a month later.