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Gwen Stefani Crowned Fashion Icon at People’s Choice, Plus: The Star She Thinks Has Incredible Style

Gwen Stefani Crowned Fashion Icon at People’s Choice, Plus: The Star She Thinks Has Incredible Style

Gwen Stefani just took home the Fashion Icon award at the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday in L.A.!

“Extra’s” Jana Kramer caught up with the star, who insisted, “It’s weird. It feels weird. I feel like, how is this real?” She added, “I feel like everything just happened so fast; like a minute ago I was in my bedroom sewing clothes and, like, being stupid and, like, procrastinating and watching Turner Classic Movies and then now, here we are — it just went really fast.”

The singer-turned-fashion designer shared where her passion for fashion came from, saying, “I just always loved fashion. I was always fascinated. I think it comes from my Mom because my mom was in the '60s. It’s such a beautiful time period and she was really hot... It’s kind of been in our blood, I guess, and being creative with fashion… when I was little, we’d go to the fabric store. We’d pick out patterns and whatever it would be, we’d fight about it and I’ve just never stopped doing that. I’ve always loved anything vintage and anything old. I never wanted to go to the mall to get clothes, I wanted to go to the thrift store to get clothes.”

Gwen revealed the fellow singer she thinks has incredible style, saying, “I think Rihanna, because Rihanna is from the islands, she has like that kind of island thing, but then she’s hip-hop, but then she’s sort of got the exotic, traditional thing going on, too, so it’s like street glam — everything blended together so I think that’s why I like her style because it’s like a mix. I like anything that’s mixed together.”

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas is set to replace Gwen on “The Voice” next season. Gwen said she is enjoying being back on the show for now. “I think that we are in the moment, the live shows start tomorrow — I can’t believe that… I am just going to try and enjoy every second of this season,' cause I didn’t even know I was going to be there, it was totally a shock, so it’s been really fun.”

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