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Rob Lowe on Working with His Son, Reuniting with Kristin Davis in 'Holiday in the Wild'

Rob Lowe on Working with His Son, Reuniting with Kristin Davis in 'Holiday in the Wild'

Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis are working together in the Netflix romantic comedy "Holiday in the Wild" — but this wasn't their first time as co-stars!

Rob, 55, told "Extra," "The last time we worked together, 20 years ago [on the miniseries 'Atomic Train'], it's really interesting because the minute we finished, she did 'Sex and the City,' I did 'The West Wing,' and the girl who played my daughter [Mena Suvari] did 'American Beauty.'"

Good things happen when these two get together!

In "Holiday in the Wild," Kristin, 54, plays a woman whose husband ends their marriage, so she embarks on a solo second honeymoon in Africa. There, she meets a pilot played by Lowe, and they rescue a baby elephant.

The movie was a passion project for Kristin. Rob said, "This movie is done only because of her. Elephant conservation is her number-one passion, and she's been doing this for years and years and years."

Kristin said, "It's hard for me to even step back and look at it as just the film now that it's done. I kind of can enjoy it, but the fact that we even made it is a miracle. And it took a long time because we really had to do it ethically… It's my love letter to all the people I've met in the last decade who are saving elephants." Brimming with gratitude, she thanked Netflix for stepping up and said, "I'm very, very thankful, and I'm so thankful to Rob for acting in it."

Rob’s son Johnny Lowe, 24, is also in the movie, playing Kristin’s son. How was it working together? "It was great. It was really fun," Rob said. Then, he said to Kristin, "He and I don't really have any scenes together… So hopefully he was well-behaved with you?"

Kristin reassured him, "He was so lovely. You trained him well."

Rob said Johnny is now writing for Ryan Murphy. "When he said he wanted to be an actor, I was like, 'I totally endorse it, but I want you, you need to be a creator as well…' He’s a Stanford straight-A student… He went out and got a job as a writer."

As for Rob's other son with wife Sheryl, 26-year-old Matthew, he's a lawyer. "I’m gonna have him represent me," Rob said, laughing.

"Holiday in the Wild" is streaming on Netflix now.