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Ben Affleck’s First Words After Halloween Party Slip-Up

Ben Affleck’s First Words After Halloween Party Slip-Up

Over the weekend, actor Ben Affleck, 47, suffered a slip-up in his sobriety.

On Saturday, Affleck made an appearance at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in West Hollywood, where he wore a Halloween skull mask and suit.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Affleck was seen having trouble getting into his chauffeured car after the ball.

A source told People magazine, “Sobriety is difficult and elusive for everyone struggling with addiction. Ben has acknowledged he’s going to slip up from time to time. It was never as if this was simply behind him.”

Just hours before his night out, Affleck acknowledged his year of recovery. He wrote on Instagram, “But let’s be serious for a moment and talk about something that is actually important. I have been in recovery for over a year and part of that is helping out others. @themidnightmission is an incredible organization that helps those in need with housing, training, development and recovery.”

The following day, Affleck was photographed visiting ex Jennifer Garner’s house. He addressed the night before, telling TMZ, “It happens. It was a slip. But I’m not going to let it derail me.”

Another insider told People magazine, “You could tell that it wasn’t an easy thing for him, but Ben owned his mistake. He said it happens, that he slipped up but that it won’t happen again. It was a smart move because now the story is basically over.”

Last year, Affleck entered rehab with Garner’s help. After he completed his 40-day stint, he wrote on Instagram, “The support I have received from my family, colleagues and fans means more to me than I can say. It’s given me the strength and support to speak about my illness with others. Battling any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle. Because of that, one is never really in or out of treatment. It is full-time commitment. I am fighting for myself and my family.”

Affleck also showed his appreciation to all the support that he’s received while undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction. He said, “So many of people have reached out on social media and spoken about their own journeys with addiction. To those people, I want to say thank you. Your strength is inspiring and is supporting me in ways I didn’t think was possible. It helps to know I am not alone.”

“As I’ve had to remind myself, if you have a problem, getting help is a sign of courage, not weakness or failure,” Affleck continued. “With acceptance and humility, I continue to avail myself with the help of so many people and I am grateful to all those who are there for me. I hope down the road I can offer an example to others who are struggling.”

Over the past few years, Affleck has been open about his struggles with alcohol addiction.