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Why Justin Theroux Approves of Jennifer Aniston’s Decision to Join Instagram

Why Justin Theroux Approves of Jennifer Aniston’s Decision to Join Instagram

Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux are the voices behind the iconic characters in the live-action Disney classic “Lady and the Tramp.”

“Extra” caught up with Tessa and Justin as they promoted the movie.

Justin commented on his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, who recently broke the Internet by joining Instagram and amassing over 15 million followers in no time.

For her first post earlier this month, Jennifer shared a photo of herself with her “Friends” co-stars Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. Justin, one of the first to comment on her post with a “woot woot,” admitted that he didn’t know in advance that she was going to join. He said, “She has sworn she was not gonna do it, and then she did it. I’m so proud of her — I thought it was so great.”

He continued, “The world’s about to learn what a hilarious woman she is if they don’t already… She’s gonna be good at this.”

As for the “Lady and the Tramp” remake, Justin dished, “It feels more contemporary, even though it is still set in the period.”

Tessa pointed out, “In the original story, Lady is muzzled — you don’t hear her voice for a good portion of it. We decided it made more sense to hear her voice sooner, let her shine as the heroine of the film… The iconic song ['Bella Notte'] has been updated… I think it still really feels true to the original, to the spirit of the original.”

How did they come up with the voices of their characters? Tessa noted that the director wanted them to “allow our own personalities to kind of come through.” Justin chimed in, “Let the dog be the one telling the story.”

“Lady and the Tramp” hits theaters November 12.