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Robert Pattinson Gets Real About Best 'The Batman' Advice

Robert Pattinson Gets Real About Best 'The Batman' Advice
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In "The Lighthouse," Robert Pattinson plays a solitary lighthouse keeper who starts to lose his sanity and become threatened by his worst nightmares.

"Extra" Special Correspondent Rachel Lindsay was with Pattinson Sunday as he also talked about another role, the lead in the highly coveted new "The Batman" film.

Robert said he is not shooting "The Batman” yet, but admits he is nervous. "I always get nervous doing everything, but I’m still a little way out. I’m sure as it gets closer I’ll be panicking and panicking, but now is the fun bit where you can kind of just be about thinking about doing some stuff."

Following in the footsteps of Christian Bale, Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, among many others who have played Batman, Robert said he is open to advice. Saying he saw an interview with Bale, he remembered that "he was talking about needing to figure out a way where he can go to the bathroom. Advice taken."

The 33-year-old is already getting Oscar buzz for "The Lighthouse," saying, "I mean, it’s great; I’m amazed that from finding the script to making the film, it’s kind of, quite aggressively different, and so I think one of the first times I heard an audience laughing at all the jokes, I was actually quite shocked that people are kind of going with it. So just to kind of have people get the movie at all is kind of exciting for me."

Rachel asked about a recent quote from co-star Willem Dafoe, who said Robert beat himself up and stuck his fingers down his throat during filming. Robert explained, “Well, I did it for one scene and then I kind of got a bit superstitious about it and then it sorta became my go-to... There’s just something about, I don’t know, it kind of made me feel very emotional... I thought I was being very subtle about it, but I think Willem was absolutely terrified about being vomited on the whole movie."

Rachel also mentioned the wild sex scene with a mermaid in the film, saying it was a little weird and pointing out that Robert has been quoted as saying he’s interested in only doing things that are weird.

He replied, "It was kind of really strange, but even when I read the script for the first time, you could kind of see... I’ve read lots of scripts that were just weird for weird's sake, but it kind of was interesting imagery and it also kind of came from, from the same place, it came from his psychological turmoil that was kind of connected to stuff. It’s kind of interesting — how do you have sex with a mermaid? Like, it has a tail."

"The Lighthouse" is in theaters now.