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Rihanna on Her Vogue Cover and Those Pregnancy Rumors

Rihanna on Her Vogue Cover and Those Pregnancy Rumors
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Rihanna has a lot to celebrate — the superstar is again gracing the cover of Vogue's November issue, and she is about to release her own coffee table book, "Rihanna by Rihanna."

"Extra's" Special Correspondent Carlos Greer was with Rihanna at the Guggenheim in NYC Friday for her book launch, where she looked amazing in a Saint Laurent spring 2020 animal-print dress with bordeaux slouch boots.

Rihanna called her Vogue cover "unbelievable." When Carlos pointed out that this is her sixth time on the front, she shrieked, "I know! I can’t believe that Anna Wintour wanted me on her cover, like, once, much less six times."

"To see her be so supportive — it’s great to see us supporting each other, and it’s always an honor."

This cover might be Rihanna's fave. Why? "This is unlike any cover I have done with Vogue," she said. "I am wearing my own stuff."

As far as Vogue asking her about pregnancy rumors, Rihanna said, "A lot of woman get very defensive. It’s personal, it’s our bodies, and of course it’s our time, and it’s not necessarily everyone’s dream to be a mom... but it’s mine, so I’m fine. Anna just wants to know what the people want to know."

The Fenty mogul also confirmed she handpicked all the photos for her book — all 1,050 of them! She said it took, "Five-plus years... You have to look at it, you have to go away from it, edit it down, say, 'Hmmm, I’m missing some stuff,' then, 'I remember some moments I remember that are more important than what I see here.' It’s a process, and it takes a long time. I didn’t expect it to take five years, but I’m glad it did because there is so much more of my life I can include in the book now."

How does she think the book will go over with her loyal followers? "My fans are going to be really thrilled," Rihanna promised.