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Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Her Pregnancy and New Show ‘Modern Love’

Anne Hathaway Opens Up About Her Pregnancy and New Show ‘Modern Love’

Anne Hathaway opened up about her second pregnancy as she promoted her new Amazon Prime series “Modern Love” with co-star Gary Carr.

Hathaway told “Extra,” “Kid feels great today, so I feel well.” She added with a smile, “Today’s a good day. Some days you wake up and you’re like, ‘Really, that’s my face?’ You kind of feel carved from butter.”

Anne is already mom to 3-year-old Jonathan… who isn’t a fan of her singing voice! “Hates it… My son hates my singing voice… Right now he is very into ‘The Lion King.’ He’s Simba, of course, and my husband is Mufasa, of course… I am Zazu… I am the annoying, nasal, officious Zazu.” She added with a laugh, “So I am allowed to sing now, but only as a nasal British man.”

Hathaway and husband Adam Schulman have been married for seven years, but in “Modern Love,” her character is dating British actor Gary Carr. The two had a good time working together: “We both enjoy this whole world of acting and what we do,” Gary said. Anne added, “We’re acting nerds.” Gary agreed: “Yeah, right, so we just can vibe like that, so it was really fun.”

Anne said she struggled with her character, who has bipolar disorder, revealing, “This particular one was hard and it was really, really exhausting. I’ve never had a part send me to bed when I was done… I thought it was going to be fine. When it was done, I really didn’t know where my center was.” She added, “It made me appreciate what life was like for them.”

“Modern Love” begins streaming October 18 on Amazon Prime.