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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks 'The Sky Is Pink,' Nick Joining 'The Voice,' and More

Priyanka Chopra Jonas Talks 'The Sky Is Pink,' Nick Joining 'The Voice,' and More

It’s a big week for the Jonas family. Priyanka Chopra Jonas is debuting her new movie “The Sky Is Pink,” and it was just announced her husband Nick Jonas is joining “The Voice” as a coach for Season 18.

“Extra” was with Priyanka today talking about the film as she gushed over her husband of almost one year.

Chopra Jonas says she’s excited to see Nick on “The Voice,” sharing, “I’m really proud of him.” She revealed, “I’m a huge ‘Voice’ fan. I had to tell him the rules, by the way. I was like, ‘This is what you have to do, let me tell you as a fan.’”

The couple is getting ready to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. “I asked him what we’re doing and he’s like, I shouldn’t ask questions. I’m going to just wear a pretty dress and arrive,” she said.

Nick shed tears when he saw “The Sky Is Pink,” and Chopra Jonas explained, “We got married during this movie. We started dating during this movie. It’s been an integral part in our relationship.”

The Hindi film is based on a true story about a family that never gives up despite all the odds, and it’s told through the lens of their daughter, who has a terminal illness.

“It’s so inspiring to see a real-life family who are not superstars or athletes who are regular people thriving under such extraordinary circumstances,” the actress said.

She said of taking on the role of the mother, who also narrates, “When I read the script, because it is based on a real-life family… it reminded me of how my parents made my life. My childhood was full of adventure. Everything was made to be fun. Whatever I wanted, my parents always had my back… Upbringing is so important in the confidence of a kid.”

After playing a mom, Priyanka shared her own plans to start her own family with Nick. “It’s not a priority for sure. It’s something that we’ve both known we want ever since we got married; we just have to figure out when.”

Her role helped her realize the kind of mom she wants to be, she shared. “I would want to be on my kid’s team… be a friend, be supportive, and say, ‘Whatever you want in life, I got you.’”

“The Sky Is Pink” opens in theaters Friday.