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The Veronicas Get Real for Mr. Warburton Magazine

The Veronicas Get Real for Mr. Warburton Magazine
Derrick Fresce for Mr. Warburton

Jessica and Lisa Origliasso — the Veronicas — grace the cover of the inaugural issue of Mr. Warburton, the new magazine from creative director and stylist Derek Warburton, as they blaze their way along the comeback trail.

Derrick Fresce for Mr. Warburton

After five years off, the innovative pop duo is back with new music, and lots to say about the state of the industry... and the state of pop culture in general.

In their cover story, the girls touch on why they have waited so long to release more music, with their 2014 self-titled album such a success. Lisa says, "It was important for us to take that time and live life as women and sisters for our personal and family relationships. We had to get reinspired and reconnected with ourselves in order to create something new."

Derrick Fresce for Mr. Warburton

They have a new reality series coming to MTV later this year, which will reveal what it's really like behind the glamorous photo shoots and assumptions. Jess says, "It’s easy to look at celebrity culture and say, 'This person’s this or this person’s that,’ but when you’ve been in the industry for a minute, you realize everyone is hustling on their own level and trying to express and make a living for themselves the only way they know how."

Their new song "Think of Me" and its video also touch on the difference between perception and reality.

The Veronicas' latest magazine cover is a match made in heaven, with Derek Warburton saying, "I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to have the Veronicas on the inaugural issue of Mr. Warburton because not only is their music timeless, but both girls are rising icons for equality, self-love, and fashion. Their personal and brand qualities are in perfect alignment for my hopes and dreams for Mr. Warburton!"

Check out their feature here.

Credits: Photographer: Derrick Freske for Mr. Warburton. Stylist: Neal St Onge. Owner/Creative Director: Derek Warburton.