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Gabrielle Union Says Daughter Took Her Life from 'A' to 'A+'

Gabrielle Union Says Daughter Took Her Life from 'A' to 'A+'

Tuesday was another night of great acts on "America's Got Talent"! "Extra" was there for all the action, and talking with judge Gabrielle Union, who wore a dress inspired by husband Dwyane Wade! She said of the NBA legend, "It's my husband's young face all over my body."

She also opened up about life at home with their Instagram-famous baby girl Kaavia. Union said, "I had a pretty 'A' life; she’s made it an 'A+' — everything has changed."

"But I think for a lot of women and families who are still hoping for their miracle or have made other choices," she went on, "you can still have an amazing life with kids and without kids. For me, Kaav is awesome and amazing, but I like to think you can, no matter what choice you make, you can have a pretty dope life, as long as you live your truth."

Gabrielle pointed out that she’s done answering questions about balancing work with being a mom, saying, "Oh, I don't juggle it. No one asks my husband how he juggles it, so I stopped answering that question. They don't expect men to juggle it."

The actress also shared her take on Tuesday night's show, saying, "I think we had some peaks and valleys, and thank God we ended with Iman. She was amazing and she made a bunch of people opera fans."

"AGT" airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.