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Lizzo Talks VMAs, ‘Hustlers,’ and Prince, Plus: Would She Ever Collab with Cardi B?

Lizzo Talks VMAs, ‘Hustlers,’ and Prince, Plus: Would She Ever Collab with Cardi B?

“Extra’s” Special Correspondent Miss USA Cheslie Kryst was with Lizzo fresh off her MTV VMAs performance!

The singer is one of the hottest stars right now — she’s having an amazing year with hits like “Truth Hurts,” and spreading her message of self-love.

Everyone is still talking about her performance last night, especially the part when the dancers pulled off their wigs. While promoting her Absolut Juice campaign, Lizzo said, “We wanted to show a black girl joy and we don’t get to see that… it was a moment of catharsis… letting it go and freeing yourself. It was special for all of us.”

Fans can’t wait to see the “Juice” singer in her first movie, “Hustlers,” with Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, Cardi B and Keke Palmer. Lizzo got to see Keke at the award show last night, saying, “She is the epitome of her name. We were laughing.” She added with a smile, “She’s such a good time.”

So, could we ever see a Cardi B and Lizzo collaboration? “You got a crystal ball? Let me know!”

The 31-year old is a protégée of the legend Prince, and shared the best advice he gave her. “The biggest thing I learned is stay true to your art,” she said. “When you’re true to your art and things you create, that’s when you become an artist. I was authentically me — he never changed me.”

Kryst had a little fun with Lizzo, sharing her crown. The singer even showed off her pageant walk!