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Simon Cowell Says He Feels a Lot Better After Weight Loss

Simon Cowell Says He Feels a Lot Better After Weight Loss

Simon Cowell is looking leaner — and acting meaner! — on “America’s Got Talent.” The judge was with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour after many of the night’s performances fell flat.

Cowell’s slimmed-down figure has been making headlines after he adopted a vegan diet and reportedly dropped 20 lbs. He joked of the media coverage, “Not enough. I need more.” The star added, “I feel a lot better — that’s the most important thing.”

Simon was not mincing words when it came to his critiques of the “AGT” acts.

Terri asked, “Do you think after this evening… people are going to say you're leaner and meaner?” Simon said smiling, “I would say leaner.” Terri commented, “You were quite harsh.” Simon joked, “You're being quite mean right now.”

Simon even made Charlotte Summer, 13, cry after her performance of “Diamonds Are Forever." He explained, “Everything on these shows is a learning curve. She gets it.” Cowell hopes America will save her.

He was also not loving the knife-throwing act, saying “If I had a stop button on my desk with those knife throwers, I would've pushed the stop button.”

Cowell has nothing but love for his Golden Buzzer pick 11-year-old violinist Tyler Butler-Figueroa. Simon explained, “Amazing, I spoke to him before he went on, he is so calm and so focused… He will do well.”

“AGT” airs Tuesdays and Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.