Ian Ziering Reveals Major ‘BH90210’ Plot Point Ahead of Premiere

Ian Ziering Reveals Major ‘BH90210’ Plot Point Ahead of Premiere

Tonight marks the big “BH90210” premiere! “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Ian Ziering at Universal Studios Hollywood to get the scoop on the reboot.

The show reunites most of the “Beverly Hills, 90210” cast after 19 years!

Ian said, “It's amazing They've been clamoring for a reboot… for 19 years. Since the show has gone off the air.” The new show, however, is not your typical reboot. Ziering explained, “This is something that's completely different… it's kind of like a Larry David meets ‘Episodes’ meets Wisteria Lane kind of thing.”

The actors play themselves as the gang reunites for the first time in nearly two decades. Ian revealed this major plot point: “We come together at a fan panel... a reunion, and Tori [Spelling]'s very insistent that we get the show back on the air. She's dealing with some financial woes and she makes a very compelling argument why we should do this.”


He continued, “We all pretty much kick it around and decide, 'Yeah, this might not be a bad idea...' and we end up putting it together and selling the idea to FOX network of course, because we were on FOX way back then… So, you know... the hijinks that follows is us as our real selves coming together to get the show back on the air, to play those iconic characters once again.”

One member is missing — Luke Perry, who passed away earlier this year. Ian talked about honoring him on the show, saying, “Just in a very real way, you know, we're not looking to exploit the loss of Luke, just being very respectful and not being too heavy-handed.”

“BH90210” premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX.