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Country Singer Justin Moore on Family Inspiring His Latest Hit

Country Singer Justin Moore on Family Inspiring His Latest Hit

Country music singer Justin Moore wants you to feel anything you want when listening to music from his new album “Late Nights and Longnecks.”

In a new interview with "Extra," he says, “It’s a collection of songs. Not a big message. I’m not trying to cram anything down anyone’s throat or spread a message. It’s just really good country music. There are songs on there that may make you cry, some songs will make you laugh and some songs will make you drink beer and have a good time.”

The multi-platinum artist is climbing up the country charts towards #1 with his latest single “The One’s Who Didn’t Make It Back Home” and it has a special meaning for him.

“One of my grandfathers retired out of the Navy and my other grandfather retired out of the Air Force,” he told us. “My parents instilled in me the sacrifices men and women make daily to keep us safe and free in this country. It goes beyond military. Now it’s police officers, firefighters and teachers… Unfortunately, they are in the line of duty as well now.”

He said he keeps his parental emotions out of the writing process, but the weight of this song is not lost on him.

“I have to block that stuff out,” he said. “In my everyday life the first thing I do after I drop my kids off at school is pray they are going to make it back home. It’s sad but it’s reality nowadays. It’s not a given.”

The single is resonating with fans and Moore is thankful for that.

“It certainly means a lot, #1 songs are great for your career. It allows Mom and Daddy to tell you how important you are. I’ve had a lot of #1 songs and had a couple which really impacted people. Like “Heaven (Wasn’t So Far Away).” My goal for ‘The Ones Who Didn’t Make It Back Home’ is to have some kind of impact.”

“Late Nights and Longnecks” is out now.