Blake Horstmann Apologizes for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama, Plus: Why He Released Caelynn Miller-Keyes' Texts

Blake Horstmann Apologizes for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama, Plus: Why He Released Caelynn Miller-Keyes' Texts
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“Bachelor in Paradise’s” Blake Horstmann is speaking out after being involved in an ugly love triangle with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman.

On Tuesday, Horstmann apologized for sleeping with the women on back-to-back nights at Stagecoach music festival in April. He wrote on Instagram, “I made a lot of mistakes this past year that I’m not proud of. I know some people don’t this show is real, but it is… I have a lot of insecurities I’ve been struggling with and lost myself this year. I’ve gotten way in over my head with women and have made a lot of mistakes and although never my intent, I hurt several people along the way.”

“I’ve felt a lot of shame and have been in a dark place for a while now and especially these last few months. It’s still something I am working through. I take full responsibility for my actions at Stagecoach and will forever regret the decision I made that weekend,” Blake continued. “The women involved did not deserve that. I realize now that I hurt these women and I deeply regret that. I’ve done a lot of self-reflection since and have learned a lot from my mistakes.”

Along with his apology, Blake also released text messages between him and Caelynn. In an Instagram Story video, he explained his decision, saying, “This is the last thing I wanted to do, but my name and character are being attacked. My name is all I really have. Most of all, it is the only real way to prove that what is being said by Caelynn and the story that is being shown is far from the truth. I’m deeply sorry for my actions at Stagecoach but telling the world that I silenced a woman amongst many other harmful accusations was just too much.”

He emphasized, “I hope Caelynn can forgive me one day. I’m not trying to go and attack Caelynn, I’m just trying to get my truth out there.”

In the now-deleted text messages, Caelynn told Blake, “I’m coming.” Blake wrote “no” at first, but after some persuasion, he eventually texted her, “we can cuddle but no sex lol.”


Caelynn responded, “Yes sex Only sex.”

“If I come over it’s strictly for sex,” Caelynn emphasized. “Nothing more nothing less.”


“That’s what they all say,” Blake responded.

Blake also shared texts they exchanged a week before “Bachelor in Paradise” started filming. In the texts, it appeared that they were deciding whether or not to go public about their hookup.

In one text, Blake pointed out that they “f**ked up so bad,” to which Caelynn responded, “If we play it off as not being a big deal then its not. Everyone hooks up in this world.”

On Tuesday’s episode of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Caelynn told Blake that she felt like a “f**king dirty secret.” She went on, “I just feel really disrespected. I feel hurt. We know each other. Just acknowledge me, talk to me and don’t ignore me and make me feel like this f**king dirty secret.”

After his conversation with Caelynn, Blake told the camera, “It looks like [Caelynn and I] slept together and I bolted. And that wasn’t what happened. Sometimes you try to do the right thing — I didn’t want to disrespect Caelynn, I didn’t want to disrespect Kristina. Man, this is bad. I look like the worst human in the world.”

In the premiere episode, Blake was confronted by Kristina, who felt like it was “a slap in the face” after hearing about his hookup with Caelynn.


By day three, Blake was feeling the aftermath of the love triangle. While sobbing, he said, “I’m going to have to really go into hiding, I know I am. It’s going to be hard on everybody in my life, because of what I did.”

“This is real life. I know this is television, but it’s my life,” he elaborated. “It’s over as I know it, my life is going to completely change, and not for the better.”

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“Bachelor in Paradise” airs Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.