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Cameron Boyce’s Sister Breaks Her Silence, Disney Cancels ‘Descendants 3’ Premiere

Cameron Boyce’s Sister Breaks Her Silence, Disney Cancels ‘Descendants 3’ Premiere

Cameron Boyce’s younger sister Maya has broken her silence following his untimely death.

The 20-year-old died in his sleep on Saturday after suffering a seizure stemming from epilepsy.

Maya shared a series of photos of her brother along with the message, “Yes, he died. Yes, I’m sad.” She continued, “Cameron was my best friend. He is someone I will always idolize. His smile could light up a room, unlike anyone else’s. He was perfect.”

Maya explained that Cameron knew that having a voice meant having “the privilege of using that voice for change." She added, “He did more with his 20 years of life, than most people ever could with 100 years,” she wrote, noting his charity work, world travel, creativity and art. She continued, "Of course, I am devastated. I will be for the rest of my life. But what I’m holding onto, and what I encourage you to hold onto as well, is the memory of endless optimism. He was sunlight wearing shoes.”

She explained, “I was with him hours before he died. It was normal and fun. We said, ‘I love you.’ He was happy.”

Maya ended the post saying, “I spent 17 years knowing what it was like to be loved by Cameron Boyce. That is the most beautiful gift I have ever received.”


Disney announced the cancellation of the “Descendants 3” premiere, which was scheduled for July 22.

The studio told Variety in a statement, “We’re proud to be part of Cameron Boyce’s legacy by showcasing his talents on screen but we are cancelling the red carpet premiere event for ‘Descendants 3’ (scheduled for July 22) and instead, The Walt Disney Company will make a donation to the Thirst Project, a philanthropic organization to which Cameron was deeply committed. With permission from the Boyce family, Disney Channel will dedicate the telecast of ‘Descendants 3’ in Cameron Boyce’s memory.”

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