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Surprise! Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Expecting Baby #3

“Bachelor” couple Sean Lowe, 35, and Catherine Giudici, 33, have another baby on the way!

Catherine broke the news to People, saying, “It was a complete surprise and I stared at the wall for a good 24 hours. I was like, ‘I just had one of these!’ “

The mom of two admitted that she was “so emotional” when she learned that she was pregnant.

Sean and Catherine are already the parents of son Samuel, who turns 3 in July, and Isaiah, 13 months. She pointed out, “Isaiah was 11 months old when we found out. It was a little overwhelming to think about, but we wanted a big family. This is just the way it was supposed to happen. So we’re excited.”

“Every time we get pregnant, [Sean] tells me,” Catherine noted. “I leave the stick in the bathroom and he comes out with the stick. So every time that we’ve found out, he’s the one who is telling me.”

On their growing family, which will become a party of five, Giudici acknowledged, “Obviously, it’s going to be overwhelming and exhausting but they get to be best friends forever. We get to have these children who are going to be so close in age and get to grow up and have all these memories. Yeah, it’ll be hard for us but it’s just a chapter. It’s so fleeting.”

The couple’s oldest son Samuel is ready to be a big brother. She shared, “He’s very excited and kissing the baby good night and praying for the baby. He knows what’s happening. He wants to see the baby — he’s trying to look down my shirt to see the baby!”

Catherine also posted pics of her growing baby bump on Instagram.

The news comes six months after their second son Isaiah was hospitalized after suffering a bad cough. Sean wrote on Instagram, “Long story short- we took our little dude to the pediatrician yesterday for a bad cough he developed and ended up in the pediatric ICU.”

He continued, “Isaiah’s got bronchiolitis and his little body is having a tough time getting enough oxygen. He’s not having the best time but the doctors and nurses have been great. We’re just super thankful we took him to the doctor when we did. We’re confident he’ll be just fine but prayers are always welcome.”

Since then, Isaiah has been doing much better.

Before they had any kids, Catherine opened up about her desire to be a mom. She told “Extra” at Universal Studios Hollywood, “I want a lot. I want five kids.” Watch!

Catherine and Sean tied the knot on TV in 2014, a year after they fell in love on “The Bachelor.”