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Luann de Lesseps on That 'RHONY' Fight: 'It Was a Rough Spot'

Luann de Lesseps on That 'RHONY' Fight: 'It Was a Rough Spot'
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In the wake of the shocking confrontation between Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps on the Wednesday episode of "The Real Housewives of New York City," Luann is speaking out on the state of her friendship with Bethenny today.

"We're good," she told People magazine Thursday at the premiere party for her new single, "Feelin' Jovani."

“It was a rough spot," she went on, "and what she said to me was very rough. But I don’t think it was about me. I think there were a lot of things that were mixed up in there that came out at me, but not about me. She’s been through a lot."

De Lesseps was likely referring to the shocking death of Bethenny's boyfriend Dennis Shields. Frankel accused de Lesseps of being absent during the aftermath, and failing to check in on Frankel's well-being.

In the filmed fight, Frankel also breathlessly accused de Lesseps of caring more about her cabaret career than about her friends — or her own sobriety.

In an instantly iconic moment, an eerily calm de Lesseps replied, "Look at you," which further set Frankel off.

De Lesseps told Page Six about the skirmish, "I was really hurt because I don’t feel like the girls really understood how difficult it was for me to stay sober that trip. It was really tough for me because there was a lot of drinking going on and, yeah, I was totally — what’s the word I’m looking for? — self-absorbed, because I needed to be at that point in my life to protect myself. It was really rough. They were really rough on me. They were very hard on me and I don’t think that the crime fit the punishment."