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Watch! Medical Medium Anthony William Helps Kim Kardashian with Her Psoriasis

Watch! Medical Medium Anthony William Helps Kim Kardashian with Her Psoriasis

On this Sunday’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim gets a private reading from Medical Medium Anthony William, the New York Times best-selling author and the man behind the celery juice craze.

In the clip, Kim explains, “I am all about mediums. I’m so obsessed. Anyone that knows me knows I love connecting to the spirit world. So yeah, if he can tell me anything about my psoriasis and how to fix it, I’m down to see what happens.”

When Anthony arrives, Kardashian shows him her latest flare-up on her legs and face.

He waves his hands across her body, and then tells her, “Just going through every organ, looking for the problem. With you, it’s definitely the liver. You have really high deposits of copper… That’s a dermatoxin, so that’s a poison that’s floating to the skin.”

William tells her celery juice can help. “Celery juice is gonna neutralize that copper,” he said. “Your psoriasis will start going away, and that’s why I want you on it.”

Kim is a “little skeptical,” adding that if it works it is “so worth it.”

A few months ago, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Kim shortly after she met Anthony. She said, “It was fascinating. I thought it was so amazing.”

She added that she had just started the celery juice, and shared, “I know that my psoriasis is really bad, but people have been saying that when you start it comes out and then it clears up.”

For anyone who wants to try the trend, Anthony tells “Extra” he recommends 16 oz. of fresh juice every morning on an empty stomach.

“It has to be celery juice by itself. That’s a mistake made all the time,” he said, insisting people should avoid any added products like collagen, apple cider vinegar, water, ice cubes or lemon.

William said if you consume on a full stomach “you lose the pathogen-killing ability that is getting people better.”

Celery juice is one of the healing tools revealed in his series of books, including his latest "Liver Rescue."

Learn more at MedicalMedium.com, and watch “KUWTK” Sundays at 9 p.m. on E!