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Jennifer Aniston on Whether the 'Friends' Reunion Is Real

Jennifer Aniston on Whether the 'Friends' Reunion Is Real

"Extra" was with Jennifer Aniston Monday night as she premiered her new Netflix movie with Adam Sandler, "Murder Mystery"!

Looking ravishing in Celine, Aniston talked with Renee Bargh about the big headlines she just made when she told Ellen DeGeneres there could be a “Friends” reunion, saying, "I know — I said that, didn’t I?" Renee asked when they start shooting, to which Jennifer replied, "We don’t. That was something that I just felt like saying a different answer because the question will not stop coming."

Revealing she hasn’t heard from any of her former co-stars about her comments, she said, "Not at all, so that’s a good sign... No one got mad at me." Pushing it, Renee noted that meant there's a chance, to which Jennifer said, "There always is, right? Can’t say yes or no."

Jen and Adam are reuniting for the comedic "Murder Mystery" after starring together in 2011's "Just Go with It." She told "Extra" she had a great time with Adam, saying, "This is where you sort of just pinch yourself — this is what’s happening, this is what you get to do. It was like summer camp with your family, family that really loves each other."

The movie shot in Monaco, Montreal, and Italy, where she also saw her friend George Clooney. Her favorite part of shooting in Italy? “The food, I must say. Italy... California, carbs are just like, 'Unh-unh.' We just enjoyed ourselves, indulged and just had fun."

Aniston also addressed that plane mishap when she was flying to Cabo with Courteney Cox to celebrate her 50th earlier this year, and they had to make an emergency landing. As terrifying as it sounds, she told "Extra" she wasn't all that scared. "I honestly didn’t think anything was going to happen," she said. "For some reason, I knew nothing was going to happen."

"Murder Mystery" streams on Netflix Friday, June 14.