Alec Baldwin Confirms He Would Be ‘More Than Happy’ to Play Trump Next Season on ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin Confirms He Would Be ‘More Than Happy’ to Play Trump Next Season on ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin is back for a summer of fun on ABC with “Match Game.” The host was with “Extra” Monday, talking about the game show and breaking news on “Saturday Night Live.”

Days after saying he is done playing President Trump on “SNL,” Alec has had a change of heart. The actor explained, “Lorne is my good friend and if they want me to come and do the show per my availability, I’d be more than happy."

Baldwin revealed he was thinking of putting the role on hold, but had a good reason for it. “This last season it was tough because I think I knew that I had a little anxiety… because I thought, 'This fall, I’ve got to go to work…' I've taken a lot of time off since our last baby, Romeo, was born. I haven't worked that much… like a real gig where you make a movie for like six weeks or eight weeks… you go away on location.”

He added, “There's a lot of that on the horizon for me, and I do believe this fall and into the spring it's going to be all about work.” Alec joked, “I do know that in the fall, I have to get a job because I have a lot of little children.”

His fill-in-the-blank show “Match Game” is back Wednesday night with some of his famous friends, and the chance for contestants to win big bucks! “When somebody wins the $25,000 bucks, we're all happy… that's the best show," he said, smiling. "I have so much fun doing this. I mean, my goal was to stay home and do jobs that fit in with my family… I always have a good time.”

“Match Game” airs Wednesday nights on ABC.