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James Corden’s Hilarious Take on Trump’s Visit with the Queen

James Corden’s Hilarious Take on Trump’s Visit with the Queen

James Corden is hosting the Tony Awards for the second year!

“Extra” caught up with the funnyman, who joked he is “full of abject fear.”

James won the Emmy for last year’s broadcast, and he’s afraid he can’t top that.

He said, “We probably can’t, that’s why this entire thing is probably a mistake. We should have really gone out on that.” As for Sunday, he told us, “I hope it will be fun… We have a big opening planned… It might be too ambitious, we’ll see."

Corden wants to opening to honor the actors and “do justice to the incredible people that are in that room.”

He’s also not afraid to give his take on President Trump and First Lady Melania’s trip to London.

“I’m British and I live in America and I feel very privileged to do so… It’s very strange watching Donald Trump meet the Queen. I wonder what he says… is someone like, ‘This is Queen Elizabeth II,’ and he is like, ‘This is Melania III’?… I imagine him meeting the Queen being like, ‘When do we meet the Burger King?’”

He is taking his “Late Late Show” to London as well! “We have incredible guests coming down there. Tom Hanks is going to be there, Millie Bobby Brown, Lily James, the cast of ‘The X-Men’… there is a huge list of people," he said. "Jake Gyllenhaal just got added. There is a great list of people coming down to have some fun.”

The Tony Awards air Sunday on CBS.