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Sophie Turner Says She Fangirls Over Joe Jonas’ Ex-GF Taylor Swift

Sophie Turner Says She Fangirls Over Joe Jonas’ Ex-GF Taylor Swift

Tuesday night, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were super loved-up at the premiere of “Dark Phoenix.”

Just a day after the duo hit the carpet for the new Jonas Brothers documentary “Chasing Happiness,” it was Sophie’s turn to premiere her new movie.

The star looked fabulous in Louis Vuitton, joking that she is on a red carpet every day. She told “Extra’s” Tanika Ray, “It feels like that at the moment. This is the most exciting one... I'm kind of living a dream right now. I'm floating.”

Turner recently opened up about her own mental health struggles, revealing that she suffered from depression for over five years. Her “Dark Phoenix” character, Jean Grey, has her own issues as well. She shared, “I studied for six months particularly on schizophrenia and addiction. I know quite a bit about depression, anxiety and eating disorders, but I wasn't well-versed in those areas of mental illness. So that was super interesting for me.”

Last week, Sophie was in England, where she ran into her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, on “The Graham Norton Show.” There’s clearly no bad blood between the two! The 23-year-old raved, “She's a really sweet girl. We met a couple times before, we're friend. She definitely wasn’t fangirling over me… I fangirl over her!"

In May, Taylor appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where she expressed regret for putting Joe on blast when they broke up more than 10 years ago.

When asked if Turner goes on triple dates with all the Jonas Brothers and their wives, she said, “Yeah, of course.”

After starring in the JoBros’ recent music video for “Sucker,” could starring in the group’s music videos be a new career for her? Sophie smiled, saying, “Please. I want to be in music videos. I think I'm gonna quit film acting and just do music videos.”

“Dark Phoenix” hits theaters June 7.