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Unrecognizable? Sharon Osbourne Reveals Big Plastic Surgery Plans

Unrecognizable? Sharon Osbourne Reveals Big Plastic Surgery Plans

TV personality Sharon Osbourne is undergoing more plastic surgery.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Talk,” Osbourne revealed, “My next surgery’s booked. I’m having it in August, so when we come back to film in September, I will have a new face.”

She joked, “I’ll look like I used a new cream.”

When fellow co-host Carrie Ann Inaba pointed out that she likes “this face,” Sharon answered, “You’re just used to it. You’ll like the new one.”

Why did she first decide to undergo plastic surgery? “I didn’t want to look like my mom," she explained, "because I looked like my mom.”

Last year, the 66-year-old laughed off new rumors that she had gotten plastic surgery. She said on an episode of "The Talk," “They got this so messed up. I must have had that new face and chin maybe four, five years [ago]… It was new say, five years ago, because I remember I woke up and Ozzy had got my phone and he’d taken pictures of me in recovery, and I had all these bandages and [my face was] bruised, and [swollen]… and so it’s like, they just got it wrong.”

Osbourne went on to emphasize that she wouldn’t be able to undergo plastic surgery without taking more than a month off from “The Talk.” She shared, “The thing is, it takes at least six weeks for the bruising to go (down) so you don’t look like you’ve been beaten up, and then your face looks like a new pair of boots, you can’t move it, you know…? Like, it’s so stiff it hurts…”

She has noted in the past that she “would tell you all” when she went under the knife again. Looks like she kept her word!

In 2016, Osbourne joked about her “third face,” telling Closer, “Face three and counting.”

Osbourne has always been open about her past surgeries, including facelifts, tummy tucks, and breast reduction. In her 2013 memoir “Unbreakable,” she wrote, “There’s not much I haven’t had tweaked, stretched, peeled, lasered, veneered, enhanced, or removed altogether.”

That same year, Osbourne made quite a shocking plastic surgery confession on “The Graham Norton Show.” Along with admitting she’s had “a lot” of work done, she also revealed her most painful surgery, saying, “Having my vagina tightened. It was just excruciating."

Along with Sharon’s “new face,” viewers will also be looking forward to Marie Osmond, who will officially start her co-hosting gig in September. In a recent statement, Marie said, “It is such a joy for me to be joining 'The Talk' in September. After guest co-hosting and appearing as a guest on the show throughout the years, I am thrilled to now call this my day job. I look forward to working with Sharon, Sheryl, Eve and Carrie Ann, who are such smart, strong, talented women whom I immensely respect. I cannot wait to share this exciting new chapter with the viewers and the CBS family.”

Marie is replacing Sara Gilbert, who recently announced she is leaving the show after Season 9.