Will Smith on Who Convinced Him to Join ‘Aladdin,’ Plus: His ‘Fresh Prince’ Red Carpet Reunion

Will Smith on Who Convinced Him to Join ‘Aladdin,’ Plus: His ‘Fresh Prince’ Red Carpet Reunion

Will Smith hit the red carpet last night with his family and some famous friends at the “Aladdin” premiere in Hollywood!

“Extra’s” Tanika Ray caught up with the star who gave son Jaden all the credit for his decision to take the role of Genie.

He explained, “Jaden came in. I had about three or four scripts I was looking at, and I pitched all the stories to him. Then I pitched the Genie, and he look at me and grabbed the other three screenplays and dropped them in the trash.” Will added, “He was like, ‘DUH Genie! You’re made to play the Genie.’”

Smith said he was nervous to take on the iconic role after Robin Williams played the animated character, “It's exciting and it's beautiful. My concern was what Robin Williams had done. I always ask myself, where is there meat on the bone? What would you do that was different? People have such a warm spot in their heart for these Disney movies… so I was really concerned about being the dude that messed up the Genie.”

The red carpet turned into a “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” reunion, when Alfonso Ribeiro crashed our interview. Alfonso joked, “I just had to smack your butt a little bit. I didn't mean to mess up ‘Extra's’ interview… I just had to pinch your butt.” Will laughed, “I recognized them fingers. I knew who that was. That ain't anybody but Alfonso.”

Next up for Will is another fan favorite, “Bad Boys 3.” “We just finished shooting. We got some heat coming. Imma leave it right there.”

“Aladdin” opens in theaters Friday.