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Abby Lee Miller Wants to Talk Prison Reform with Kim Kardashian

Abby Lee Miller Wants to Talk Prison Reform with Kim Kardashian

Abby Lee Miller is back! The infamous “Dance Moms” leader was with “Extra’s” Tanika Ray to talk all about her new show, “Dance Moms: Resurrection," while also opening up about her health and time in prison.

Abby is coming back with a new show, but a lot has happened since she was last on the dance scene.

Miller was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma after serving a prison sentence for felony bankruptcy fraud. Miller is now confined to a wheelchair after emergency spinal surgery.

She told Tanika about her experience behind bars, revealing, “Well, the leaving was horrific… getting kicked in the head, my bed kicked at 5 o’clock in the morning, and screamed f word after that, most girls leave with their hair all done, their makeup done… Their family picks them up… That’s how it always works for everybody else, but not me.”

Tanika asked, “Wait a minute Abby, are you saying that they abused you on your way out?” Abby affirmed, “It was not kind and civil.” Tanika asked again, “The jail abused you?” Abby answered, “Yes.” She shared, “There’s a lot that needs to be resolved. If Kim Kardashian is watching, please, please get in touch with me, because she’s doing a lot with prison reform, and she’s very interested, and I can shed a lot of light on what goes on.” Abby said she wants to help bring about change.

“Extra” reached out to the Victorville Federal Correctional Complex. The prison responded, “FCC Victorville provides a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and inmates. However, if there are allegations of misconduct, they are taken seriously, and when appropriate, referred for proper investigation. For the privacy of inmates and former inmates, we decline to comment further.”

Abby commented on Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, who are both facing prison time for their alleged involvement in the college admissions scandal, “People are going to be fans, because television is huge in prison… The women in prison want to know what it is like to be married to John Stamos, come on.”

Miller’s cancer battle is detailed on the new season of “Dance Moms: Resurrection.” “It’s such a religious word… but I was close to death’s door. I had 10 minutes, or they were going to lose me.” Abby went through chemo after her surgery, and is now cancer-free. “Burkitt Lymphoma grows very quickly… They kill it very quickly too… What really gets to me – had one of the doctors caught it sooner, I would not have been in a wheelchair. The cancer, the mass, would have not been so strong to choke my spinal cord. That’s what caused the paralysis.”

She recently shared a photo of herself without her wig on, “My oncologist… He is the one that recommended that I post that and I be honest with people to spread awareness.” She told Tanika she is hopeful she will walk again. “I go to therapy in Pittsburgh.”

She shoots “Dance Moms: Resurrection” in Pittsburgh as well. “I’m back in my studio.” Tanika asked who the star is this season. Abby smiled, “Don’t you think I learned that lesson? I have seven stars.”

“Dance Moms: Resurrection” premieres June 4 on Lifetime.